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"Świteź" School Set - 6 pieces
  • "Świteź" School Set - 6 pieces

"Świteź" School Set - 6 pieces

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With a set of 6 games, you can conduct engaging activities for groups of 24-36 people.

"Świteź" is a card game for 2-6 players. The aim is to collectively create stories using the most characteristic elements of Adam Mickiewicz's Ballads and Romances. To achieve this, players use "Motif" cards, which represent these elements. In addition, each player has a "Ballad" card, referring to a specific work by Mickiewicz and presenting five motifs in the order they appear in the given ballad. Players collaboratively create one story, but each strives to play in a way that follows the pattern presented on their "Ballad" card.

Through QR codes, the cards are linked to the online knowledge platform www.mickiewicz.promocjaksiazki.pl, where attractively presented, readily accessible information about Adam Mickiewicz's works is available with just one click, prepared by an expert in the field - Dr. Hab. Paweł Bukowiec, Prof. UJ.

The "Świteź" project is the winner of the prestigious award, Project of the Year 2022, in the Idea category, awarded by the Association of Graphic Designers.

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