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Board game "In Desert and Wilderness"
  • Board game "In Desert and Wilderness"
  • Board game "In Desert and Wilderness"
  • Board game "In Desert and Wilderness"
  • Board game "In Desert and Wilderness"

Board game "In Desert and Wilderness"

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The board game "In Desert and Wilderness" is based on the most popular Polish adventure novel. Players (aged 8 to 100) journey with Stas and Nel from Port Said to Mombasa. Along the way, they encounter adventures similar to those experienced by the characters in Sienkiewicz's novel: kidnapping, war, sandstorms, encounters with lions, elephants, a dangerous sorcerer, and much, much more...

During their journey, they are aided by friends - Kali, Mea, the elephant King, and the dog Saba - as well as items such as a rifle, water flask, quinine, dates, kites, and above all, their own ingenuity. While having fun is very important here, the use of the game format is not limited to adventure alone but also serves a deeper, critical reading of the novel and understanding the context in which it was written. We create a situation in which the player is motivated to use the accompanying online knowledge platform. By visiting the website www.sienkiewicz.promocjaksiazki.pl or using the QR codes provided on the reverse side of the game tiles, players will find important and interesting information about the novel "In Desert and Wilderness" and Africa at the beginning of the 20th century. Their knowledge will allow them to earn additional points.

The platform includes an "Education" section where modern lesson plans in line with the curriculum and accompanying methodological materials can be downloaded.

"The game looks very nice among modern board games. The graphics are attractive; even the game box itself grabs attention. The illustrations on the tokens and cards are very well received, not to mention the large board..." - http://scheherazade.znadplanszy.pl

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